5. Change log

5.1. Version 1.3.0.dev1

This version contains all fixes up to version 1.2.x.

Released: not yet

Incompatible changes:


Bug fixes:



Known issues:

5.2. Version 1.2.0

This version contains all fixes up to version 1.1.1.

Released: 2022-04-02

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed that the “lpar scsi-load” and “lpar scsi-dump” commands defined their –disk-partition-id option value incorrectly as a string, when it should have been an integer. (issue #270)

  • Fixed that “lpar list –names-only” had an empty “cpc” column. (issue #269)

  • Increaed minimum vbersion of zhmcclient to 1.2.1 to pick up several fixes, including the fix for ‘lpar scsi-dump’ failing due to missing ‘secure_boot’ parameter (issue #280)


  • Properties in JSON output are now always sorted by property name. (issue #267)

  • Added support for the “console” command group, with the following commands:

    • get-audit-log - Get the audit log of the targeted HMC.

    • get-security-log - Get the security log of the targeted HMC.

    • show - Show properties of the console of the targeted HMC.

    Issue #277

5.3. Version 1.1.0

This version contains all fixes up to version 1.0.3.

Released: 2021-12-23

Bug fixes:

  • Changed development status of zhmccli on Pypi from 4 (Beta) to 5 (Production/Stable). (issue #221)

  • Fixed new issues reported by Pylint 2.10.

  • Disabled new Pylint issue ‘consider-using-f-string’, since f-strings were introduced only in Python 3.6.

  • Fixed install error of wrapt 1.13.0 on Python 2.7 on Windows due to lack of MS Visual C++ 9.0 on GitHub Actions, by pinning it to <1.13.

  • Fixed confusing CR in Aborted message when breaking a prompt.

  • Fixed an error in the ‘partition dump’ command when –operation-timeout was specified, and in ‘storagegroup delete’ when the email options were used. (issue #250)


  • Added support for managing the auto-start list of a CPC (in DPM mode) via a new command group ‘cpc autostart’. (issue #33)

  • Improved error handling so that exceptions raised by zhmcclient now always result in displaying a proper error message instead of a Python traceback.

  • Added support for managing HMC users, user roles, and password rules via new command groups ‘user’, ‘userrole’, ‘passwordrule’, and ‘passwordrule characterrule’. (part of issue #96)

  • Added support for exporting and importing a DPM configuration from / to a CPC via new ‘dpm-export’ and ‘dpm-import’ commands of the ‘cpc’ command group. (issue #243)

  • Increased minimum version of zhmcclient to 1.1.0, and added the jsonschema, PyYAML and yamllloader packages as new dependencies, as part of issue #243.

  • Support for Python 3.10: Added Python 3.10 in GitHub Actions tests, and in package metadata.

  • Added support for a ‘–like’ option when creating users. This will use certain properties of the like user as defaults for the new user.


  • Removed import of the pyreadline package on Windows for enabling history in interactive mode, and import of the built-in readline module since it no longer seems to be needed and interactive mode history is available without them.

  • Removed building of the Windows binary install program, since that is no longer supported by pip/setuptools. It was not used in the package anyway.

5.4. Version 1.0.0

Released: 2021-08-18

Incompatible changes:

  • Dropped support for Python 3.4. Python 3.4 has had its last release as 3.4.10 on March 18, 2019 and has officially reached its end of life as of that date. Current Linux distributions no longer support Python 3.4. (issue #185)

  • Changed default for option ‘–usage’ of ‘storagevolume update’ command to not be changed. Prior default was to set usage to ‘data’, which required specifying it with the old value if it was supposed not to be changed. (part of issue #125)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed HTTP errors raised as traceback during various ‘list’ commands. These errors are now shown as proper error messages. (issue #215)


  • Increased minimum version of zhmcclient to 1.0.0.

  • Added defaults to help text of command options with value, where missing. (issue #125)

  • Added a ‘–secure-boot’ option to the ‘lpar scsi-dump’ and ‘partition update’ commands. It had already been supported by the ‘lpar scsi-load’ command. (issue #206)

  • Added support for setting some properties of lpar, partition and nic resources to null when specifying an empty string as the option value in create and update commands. The option help text has been updated accordingly. (issue #2)

  • Clarified in help text of ‘–ssc-dns-servers’ option of the ‘partition create’ and ‘partition update’ commands that multiple DNS servers are specified using a comma-separated list. (issue #216)

5.5. Version 0.22.0

This version contains all fixes up to version 0.21.2.

Released: 2021-07-02

Incompatible changes:

  • The zhmc command now verifies HMC server certificates by default, using the CA certificates in the ‘certifi’ Python package. This verification will reject the self-signed certificates the HMC is set up with initially. To deal with this, install a CA-verifiable certificate in the HMC and specify the correct CA certificates with the new ‘-c / –ca-certs’ option. As a temporary quick fix, you can disable the verification with the new ‘-n / –no-verify’ option.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed install error on Python>=3.6 caused by click-repl being incompatible with click 8.0.

  • Fixed the issue that some commands (e.g. cpc list) stopped the spinner too early. (issue #142)

  • Docs: Added statement that the command group for HBAs can be used only on z13 and earlier. (issue #199)

  • Docs: Clarified which command groups can only be used in DPM mode or in classic mode. (issue #200)


  • The zhmc command now supports verification of the HMC server certificate. There are two new command line options ‘-n / –no-verify’ and ‘-c / –ca-certs’ that control the verification behavior.

  • Increased the minimum version of zhmcclient to 0.32.0. Adjusted code to accomodate the immutable properties of resource objects.

  • Added a ‘-T’ / ‘–operation-timeout’ general option to the following commands, that specifies the operation timeout when waiting for completion of asynchronous HMC operations. (issue #126)

    • lpar activate

    • lpar deactivate

    • lpar load

    • lpar stop

    • lpar psw_restart

    • lpar scsi-load

    • lpar scsi-dump

    • partition start

    • partition stop

    • partition dump

    • storagegroup discover-fcp

  • Partition commands: On HMC 2.14.0 and later, the partition commands now use the “List Permitted Partitions” operation instead of going through the CPC, which improves the response time, and no longer requires that the user has object access permission to the targeted CPC. In addition, the CPC on the ‘partition list’ command is now optional. If not specified, permitted partitions on all managed CPCs are listed. (issue #192)

  • Lpar commands: On HMC 2.14.0 and later, the lpar commands now use the “List Permitted Logical Partitions” operation instead of going through the CPC, which improves the response time. In addition, on HMC API version 3.6 or later (an update to HMC 2.15.0), the lpar commands no longer require that the user has object access permission to the targeted CPC. In addition, the CPC on the ‘lpar list’ command is now optional. If not specified, permitted LPARs on all managed CPCs are listed. (issue #192)

  • The ‘nic create’ and ‘nic update’ commands can now specify the backing port with the –adapter and –port options for all types of network adapters. Previously, they could be used only for OSA and Hipersocket adapters. The –virtual-switch option has been deprecated but for compatibility reasons is still supported for OSA and Hipersocket adapters. (issues #201, #198)


  • Added the missing closing of the image file in the ‘partition mount-iso’ command.

  • Disabled a Pylint ‘consider-using-with’ issue on a Popen in test code that was properly terminated again.

5.6. Version 0.21.0

Released: 2021-04-06


  • Increased minimum version of zhmcclient to 0.30.0.

  • Added an option –secure-boot to lpar scsi-load command (issue #148).

  • Added an option –force to lpar scsi-dump command (issue #148).

  • Added support for DPM capacity groups with a new ‘capacitygroup’ command group. (issue #157)

5.7. Version 0.20.0

Released: 2021-03-25

Incompatible changes:

  • In the ‘cpc list’ command, removed the output of the ‘iml-mode’ and ‘is-ensemble-member’ properties, because ensemble support has been removed from the HMC by now.


  • Deprecated several property control options in ‘list’ commands because the corresponding properties are now always shown:

    • --type option in the ‘adapter list’ command

    • --type option in the ‘cpc list’ command

    • --mach option in the ‘cpc list’ command

    • --type option in the ‘lpar list’ command

    • --type option in the ‘nic list’ command

    • --type option in the ‘partition list’ command

    • --adapter option in the ‘vswitch list’ command

  • Deprecated the options --boot-storage-hba/wwpn/lun of the ‘partition update’ command for booting from an FCP storage volume. Use the new --boot-storage-volume option instead with the “HBA/WWPN/LUN” format. (part of issue #130)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a log test failure in zhmccli caused by a change in logging output in zhmcclient 0.23.0.

  • Fixed an exception “No formatted text” on python 2.7 by pinning ‘prompt-toolkit’ to <2.0 on Python 2.7 (issue #53).

  • Mitigated the coveralls HTTP status 422 by pinning coveralls-python to <3.0.0.

  • Pinned Pygments to <2.4.0 on Python 3.4.

  • Pinned readme-renderer to <25.0 on Python 3.4.

  • Fixed AttributeError when listing hbas on CPCs that have the storage mgmt feature (z14 and later) (issue #113).

  • Fixed a KeyError when accessing the email-related options in the ‘storagegroup create’ and ‘storagegroup update’ commands. (issue #129)

  • Fixed a KeyError when accessing a no longer existing option in the ‘storagevolume create’ command. (issue #137)

  • Test: Fixed GitHub Actions test workflow failure by increasing the version of the ‘readme-renderer’ package to a minimum of 0.23.0 which moved the failing ‘cmarkgfm’ dependent package to an extra we are not using.


  • Increased minimum version of zhmcclient package from 0.19.0 to 0.25.0 due to new LPAR related functions being used.

  • Added a ‘dump’ command for ‘zhmc partition’ that works for CPCs with and without the DPM storage management feature.

  • Added more ‘zhmc lpar’ commands for logical partitions in CPCs in classic mode:

    • zhmc lpar stop

    • zhmc lpar psw-restart

    • zhmc lpar scsi-load

    • zhmc lpar scsi-dump

  • Added support for usage related command line options to the partition list command that include additional fields in the output: –memory-usage for showing memory allocation to the partitions, –ifl-usage and –cp-usage for showing IFL and CP allocation, weighted capacity and actual usage.

  • Added more lpar load command options:

    • Added --clear-indicator and --no-clear-indicator flags to the lpar load command. It controls whether the memory should be cleared before performing the load operation or not.

    • Added --store-status-indicator flag to the lpar load command. It controls whether the status should be stored before performing the load operation or not.

  • Added os-ipl-token option to the lpar scsi-dump command.

  • Added support for the storage management feature, by adding new command groups storagegroup, storagevolume, and vstorageresource and by adding new storage management related sub-commands to the partition command group (issue #56).

  • Added support for Python 3.7.

  • Migrated from Travis and Appveyor to GitHub Actions. This required several changes in package dependencies for development.

  • Dropped the use of the pbr package. The package version is now managed in zhmccli/_version.py. (See issue #64)

  • Added Python 3.9 to the set of versions that is tested in the CI.

  • Test: Ensured that dependent packages are upgraded to their latest versions in ‘make install’ and ‘make develop’ by invoking Pip with ‘–upgrade-strategy eager’.

  • Added some more resource properties to ‘list’ commands, including name properties of the parent resources. All ‘list’ commands now support these options for controlling the properties shown (issue #93):

    • --names-only: Restrict properties shown to only the names of the resource and its parents

    • --uri: Add the resource URI to the properties shown

    • --all: Show all properties

  • Increased minimum version of Click from 6.6. to 7.0 to get support for ‘hidden’ property of options (related to issue #93).

  • Added support for setting a storage volume in a storage group as the boot volume for a partition, by adding an option --boot-storage-volume to the ‘partition update’ command (issue #130)

  • Conflicting boot options specified for the ‘partition update’ and ‘partition create’ command are now detected instead of silently applying an undocumented preference scheme. (part of issue #130)

  • Changed CPC and LPAR properties that were always hidden in the output of the cpc show and lpar show commands due to their length or object nesting depth, to now be hidden only in certain cases.

    Changed Partition properties in the output of the partition show command that have a significant length or object nesting depth to now be hidden in certain cases.

    The hidden properties are now always shown in the JSON output format, and they are shown in the table output formats if a newly added --all option is used on these show commands.

    Hidden CPC properties: - auto-start-list - available-features-list - cpc-power-saving-state - ec-mcl-description - network1-ipv6-info - network2-ipv6-info - stp-configuration

    Hidden LPAR properties: - program-status-word-information

    Hidden Partition properties: - crypto-configuration

    (related to issue #56, also issue #144).

  • Increased minimum version of zhmcclient to 0.29.0.

  • Docs: Changed documentation theme to Sphinx RTD Theme. (issue #155)


  • Changed old-style string formatting to new-style (issue #89).

  • Removed build tools no longer needed on GitHub Actions.

5.8. Version 0.19.0

Released: 2019-02-20

Incompatible changes:

  • The lpar deactivate command is now non-forceful by default, but can be made to behave like previously by specifying the new --force option. In force mode, the deactivation operation is permitted when the LPAR status is “operating”.

Bug fixes:

  • Aligned the check for when to use pyreadline instead of readline in zhmcclient/_helper.py to be consistent with the platform check in requirements.txt: By checking for the win32 platform. Related to issue #47.


  • Fixes and improvements in Makefile.

  • Added initial set of function tests for zhmc command.

  • Improved the table output of complex properties (arrays or nested objects), to use nested tables, where possible. See issue #9.

  • Added support for a --force option in the lpar activate, lpar deactivate, and lpar load commands. It controls whether the operation is permitted when the LPAR status is “operating”.

    Note that this changes lpar deactivate to be non-forceful by default (force=True was hard coded for deactivate, before this change).

  • Added support for a --activation-profile-name option in LPAR activate.

  • Added support for cpc set-power'save, cp set-power-capping and cpc get-em-data operations.

  • Improved support for logging to the system log in zhmccli.py: Added support for retrying multiple addresses if creating a Python system log handler fails. Added localhost:514 as a second choice for Linux and OS-X. This fixes the system log issue on the Travis CI with Ubuntu 14.04 (Issue 35). Added support for system log in CygWin, using /dev/log and localhost:514 as the addresses to try.

  • Removed the assertions in zhmccli.reset_logger() that verified the result of resetting the log handlers. It turned out that recently, a log capture logger is present that is caused by the test environment. These assertions were probably a bit overkill anyway (Issue #35).

5.9. Version 0.18.0

Released: 2017-10-19

This is the base version for this change log. The zhmccli project was split off of the python-zhmcclient project based upon its released version 0.17.0. For prior changes, see the change log of the python-zhmcclient project.

Additional changes:

  • Fixed the issue that the readline module is not available in standard python on Windows, by using the pyreadline module in that case.

  • Fixed a flawed setup of setuptools in Python 2.7 on the Travis CI, where the metadata directory of setuptools existed twice, by adding a script remove_duplicate_setuptools.py that removes the moot copy of the metadata directory (python-zhmcclient issue #434).

  • Added the version of the zhmcclient package to the output of zhmc --version.